Christolynn Conveyancing Services opened its doors for business in July 2005

Best conveyancing services at Sydney

Christolynn Conveyancing Services is a well-known conveyancing firm specialising in property law in the at Sydney Metropolitan Area. We deal with clients buying or selling Real Estate properties in all parts of Sydney including the outskirts. With a team of highly experienced solicitors, we offer conveyancing at very affordable rates. The interest of our clients is our main priority whether you’re a first-time buyer, experienced investor or property sellers. Our team of conveyancers work efficiently to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. While we do all the hard work you can stay home and relax.

Services that we provide

Our services consist of more than just doing paper-work. We go beyond everything to offer you the best conveyancing services in Sydney.

  • Conveyancing – residential as well as commercial estate
  • Leasing
  • Buying and selling of businesses
  • Budget estimation
  • Transfer between the parties 

Fixed fee conveyancing

Our property solicitors provide a very reasonable and competitive fee for all Sydney conveyancing services while continuing to maintain their high-level service. Our fixed fee services include -

  • Settled professional fee

We like to keep things clear so our fees are fixed from the very beginning so you don’t get any surprises during the settlement. We like to keep everything transparent so that you can keep your trust while working with us. Our fees are inclusive of the conveynacers time as a part of our duty.

  • Less search for more protection

We’re not here to spend your money but to save it. For this reason, we target to minimize your expenses and maximise your safety. We only do the searches that are required to confirm that your transaction is fully secured.

  • No place for compromising quality or client security

Though we order the minimum we never compromise on client protection. To provide 100% security we ask for the latest certificates with insurance to ensure that we have all the information to provide the best advice. This is the only way to confirm the safety as well as the quality of the transaction.

Customer care service

Our team of specialists are always there to assist you whenever you need help or have any query. Enjoy our customer care service and get all the answers to your questions timely and in a prompt manner.

Why Choose Us

Quality & efficient service at competitive rates

Obligation free quotes

Flexible hours to suit all your needs

Open 6 days a week-Saturdays by appointment

Mobile service

All your conveyancing needs

Supportive team

Owner operated

35 Years Experience

Why should you hire a conveyancer?

Buying or selling properties may seem to be a simple process but it is not. If you dig into the details, you’ll find there are lots of complications and terms that can cause a huge amount of loss to both the parties if not studied carefully. Our team of conveyancers will deal with all these legal matters and will take care of all the minute details so that you don’t face any loss.

  • Conveyancers are legally trained

Our team of conveyancers are always dealing with contracts and conveyancing matters, as a result of which they are well-trained to analysis contract terms and negotiate some conditions to protect your interest. No matter how many times you check your documents, missing out on a small detail can cause a huge consequence.

  • Conveyancers know how the industry works

In many cases, the settlement date gets postponed due to missing documents or problems with the bank. These can turn out to be quite frustrating, complicated and also discouraging. With the help of our conveyancers, you can speed up this whole process as we are used to handling this kind of administrative obstruction that comes along the way. 

  • Conveyancers can save you money

Getting hold of a conveyancer can help you in saving your money. Along with minimising the risk of buying a land whose worth is less than expected due to some defects or restrictions, there are also other expenses involved in theconveyancing process. For example, in most contracts, a penalty charge is being applied if a buyer doesn’t settle on time. This can result in a significant amount of money if the purchaser can’t arrange a settlement before the due date.

Why choose us?

If you need serious help you visit a specialist for their dedication, expert knowledge and focus. This is especially applicable for conveyancing as there are many traps for the novice. Here are some of the prime reasons why conveyancers are the most preferred ones among others:

  • Specialised, well-proven track record and in-depth capability in conveyancing.
  • We always communicate with our clients so that you’re aware of all the ongoing matters.
  • Dealing your transaction like it is our own because we know how important it is for you.
  • Unlike other law firms, we don’t get distracted by other legal proceedings.

How to reach out to our conveyancers in Sydney?

For any queries, you can simply contact us via email or call us at  0438 596 637.

Work In The Areas
  • Property Conveyancing (Rural, Commercial and Residential)
  • Sale and purchase of businesses
  • Community and strata properties
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