Christolynn Conveyancing Services opened its doors for business in July 2005
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Simplifying the home-buying process
Looking to Buy Your Own Piece of Property?
Christolynn Conveyancing Services would like to simplify the process of buying a property for you and help make the process easy and stress-free. Contact us so that we can give you peace of mind together with strong legal advice.

It’s everyone's dream to own a home in a metropolitan area. But conveyancing a property in a metropolis is tiresome work. Lots of effort and cash is required to find your home. But the era we are living has made life easy. Various professionals are ready to provide their services which will help us save time and money. Christolynn Conveyancing Services is one of the leading professionals with a team of experts, who have a great experience in this field.
Steps to Buying
The following are the steps in buying a property:
Obtaining Finance
Making an Offer

Leading Conveyancing Services For Buying Your Dream House

Our team will help you in every step of buying and selling of various properties in Penrith Metropolitan region and other areas as well. We are also known for our expertise in strata and community development in New South Wales 

The step by step procedure to own a home.
  • Buying a house in New South Wales requires you to find an efficient finance firm which meets your budget, which needs a lot of market research. We, at Christolynn Conveyancing, can help you save a lot of money by finding the ideal financing firm for you. 
  • Once you find your suitable financing firm you have to hunt for the home you desire and again this is as hard as finding a finance firm. The vast experience of Christolynn Conveyancing Services comes handy here. We listen to the buyer’s needs and provide them with the best options available. 
  • Once you find your desired house it’s time for making an offer. This is very crucial because the last thing you want is to get your hard found home to be snatched by someone else by meagre amount difference. This is the part where one needs expert advice and we are ready with all the required information to get your offer sealed.
  • Then it's time for the settlement and this is the final stage where you should be giving a lot of thought because once this is done then you are going to be legally owning the property and the responsibility of the previous owner ends there. We at Christolynn Conveyancing Services help you guide through all the three stages; Pre-Settlement, Settlement and Post-Settlement. From inspecting the property for defects or any other legal concerning matters.
Ready to Learn More or Get Started?
When it comes to buying a new property, you want to make sure you have a team you can trust. At Christolynn Conveyancing Services, we are a highly experienced and family-owned team, so when you work with us, we treat you like family.

When it comes to legal matters we guide our clients throughout the conveyancing process. We explain everything from legal process to complications while providing our conveyancing services. As quoted by legends, the most valuable thing in life is time, being guided throughout all the technical and legal procedures with a hand ready solution helps the buyer/seller save their valuable time.

Benefits of associating with Christolynn Conveyancing Services.

Christolynn Conveyancing Services is a family owned business. We have created a great reputation for our professional attitude. Our staff fully adheres to every protocol while conveyancing to customers. We are highly trained in every aspect and details of conveyancing in New South Wales. So the fees are reasonable and fixed. We can proudly mention us as the most cost-efficient service provider in the town. The over two decades of experience in this field helped us to acquire all the skill and knowledge for seamless processing and made us desirable for every buyer and seller. We have a keen eye for details regarding the paperwork and loopholes in it, as it is the crucial part of a property dealing.

Our Helpful Services
We're proud to say that we have competitive pricing and, once we know a little more, we can give you an instant quote on your property or what you want help with.
Christolynn Conveyancing Services is happy to answer any question you have about buying and selling or conveyancing. See our answers to some common FAQ.
Our Testimonials

We have engaged Christolynn Conveyancing Services for a recent land purchase we made. Stress free, great communication, friendly and thoroughly professional service. We recommend these guys to anyone wanting the same type of service we are receiving right now.

- Matthew Stubbs

Lynne was fabulous. Throughout the whole purchase experience she was on top of everything, answered every question we had & gave us confidence that everything was going as planned. 10/10 would use for our next conveyancing requirement

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